Tile and Grout Cleaning

Your tile and grout are pre-treated with a product similar to our carpet cleaner but specific to this type of cleaning.  We then agitate this product by hand or with our Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) tool to ensure maximum results.  Once that is complete we then use our tile spinner extraction tool to apply high-pressure, high-temperature rinse to your tile floor.  This extraction tool pulls the rinse water, dirt and grime from your home into the waste tank in the truck and we leave you with a nice clean floor.

Our Tile and Grout sealant works much like our carpet protector.  This is applied with a hand sprayer and worked in with a microfiber mop to ensure thorough coverage.  Typically dries in under an hour and is at full effectivity in 24 hours.  Adding this service will help it resist future regular soils and stains.  Note that this product does require adequate ventilation when in use as vapors should not be inhaled.

We highly recommend the use of a Neutral pH floor cleaner to keep your tile and stone floors and counters clean. Cleaners with an Alkaline or Acidic pH will deplete your sealer causing rapid resoiling. Unless rinsed extremely well, they will also tend to attract dirt like a magnet. Neutral cleaners can be purchased at any good tile store or a Janitorial supply – We recommend Bio-Kleens All Purpose Cleaner. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of changing your mop water frequently. We find that the number one reason for soiled grout is dirty mop water.